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Testicular Cancer

Testicular cancer is a lump of cancer cells living on your testicles, the male reproduction system. The diseased cells travel by hiding on your normal clean blood cells that move through your bloodstream. The bloodstream runs through your lymph nodes, which is a part of lymphatic system. If the testicular cancer cells reach the lymph nodes, they can spread though your body quickly.

As of currently, testicular cancer exact cause is unknown however researchers are on the path in finding different causes. Even though the causes are unidentified doctors have found related risk factors, which factor is something that increases your chances of getting a disease.

Risk Factors

Estimated by the American Cancer Society, approximately 7,920 new cases of testicular cancer will be diagnosed during 2007. Testicular cancer rates have been increasing in most countries. The reason is unknown.

Testicular Cancer Symptom

Have you ever wondered what are the different types of symptoms of testicular cancer? The most common symptom is swelling of the testicle with heaviness or aching in the scrotum or stomach. Learn more about testicular cancer symptoms.

Testicular Self Exam

A Monthly self exam is highly recommend especially if you have some risk factors that increase your chance of getting testicular cancer. Learn more about Testicular Self Exam.